Birthday Party Food Sheet


Please Return This To The Snack Bar At:__________


Party Includes Either (Circle One):   2 Slices Of Pizza    Or A  Hot Dog


Drinks For The Party

You Will Get A Pitcher Of Soda For Every 6 Children In The Party

Number Of Pitchers =_________  

Check What Drinks You Would Like Below

     _____Coke      _____Diet Coke      _____Fruit Punch


     _____Sprite      _____Root Beer     _____Water


(Circle One):   Party Room Party    Or    Tables Behind The Lanes

If In The Party Room What Is The Room Time?:  __________


If The Party Is On Tables Behind The Lanes, What Lanes?: _______________


Customer Name: _______________________


Number Of Children: ___________________


Would You Like Any Extra Food?(Circle One)   Yes     Or     No


Write All Extra Food Below: